The Tellhappystar survey is a customer satisfaction survey offered by Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. restaurants to gather feedback from their customers. There are several benefits to taking the Tellhappystar survey, including:

  1. Voice your opinion: The Tellhappystar survey provides customers with a platform to express their opinions and share their experiences with Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. restaurants. It allows you to give feedback on the quality of food, service, cleanliness, and other aspects of the restaurant.
  2. Improve customer experience: The survey responses are used by Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. to improve their customer experience. The feedback is taken seriously, and the company uses it to identify areas that need improvement and make changes to enhance the overall experience.
  3. Free coupons and discounts: As an incentive for taking the survey, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. offer customers a chance to win free coupons and discounts on their next visit. This is a great way to save money and enjoy your favorite food.
  4. Better quality food and service: The survey helps Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. to understand what their customers like and dislike. This feedback is used to improve the quality of food and service, making for a better experience overall.
  5. Convenience: The Tellhappystar survey is available online, making it easy and convenient to participate. You can take the survey from anywhere, at any time, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

In summary, taking the Tellhappystar survey is a great way to give feedback on your experience with Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. restaurants, and it comes with benefits such as free coupons and discounts, better quality food and service, and improved customer experience.